This popular drink in Korea is definitely one of the tastiest drinks I've ever had in my life. I can never get enough of these! "Banana mat ooyoo" (the name of it in Korean) is actually translated as "Banana flavored Milk" and probably not a drink that contains the most banana puree, but who cares? It tastes heavenly. 
 It's sweet and milky, and is perfect paired with a type of sweet bread or pastry. This is a must have when it comes to Korean drinks. Find one at your local Korean market today! 

This fluffy and scrumptious snack has been around since the early 1970s in Korea. Orion is the original company that created these Chocopies and no other "choco pie" can compare to the light texture that Orion provides. These pies, similarly to the whoopie pie in America, are made of two shortbread type of bread with a marshmallow filling in the middle, coated in a layer of sweet chocolate. These are a perfect snack for any time of the day. But for the ultimate chocopie experience, I say you should try these when you're starving. They taste the best then (I'm not kidding). But eating this at any time of the day is good too. ^__^

These chips have also been around for a long time. 
Yangpa means onion in Korean and this snack is packed with onion flavor. It is also a lot different from the Funyuns we have in America. Instead of being salty and deep fried, this snack has a delicate and light texture to it and without the heavy taste of sodium. It's a fun snack that brings out the creative side of people. I remember back when I was a kid, my brother and I would try to make chains out of these rings, and sometimes even earrings! (It's embarrassing, but those were the good times.) 
You will never get sick of these chips and will probably be asking for more after you finish this bag of yummy goodness. 

I grew up eating Matdongsan as a kid. It so happens to be the snack that my parents grew up eating too!  Matdongsan is basically fried dough that is coated in sticky molasses and topped with chopped peanuts. It has a crunchy brittle type of consistency. t's one of those snacks that you just can't stop eating. 
I enjoy eating these chips because they I know they have a history in the development of Korean modern snacks. 


    This page is dedicated to sharing my all-time favorite Korean snacks and drinks. 


    August 2013